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Gold & Fife draws on an extensive network of chefs, restaurants, wineries, wine agents, mixologists, distilleries, breweries, pristine locations and select hotels to offer you personalized culinary events.

Natalie Goldenberg-Fife

Natalie has her finger on the pulse of culinary innovation. For nearly a decade, she has curated over 500 events in top restaurants and wineries in Ontario, British Columbia, Chicago and New York City. Her deep-rooted connections in the elite strata of food and wine industries enable her to organize unusually creative and satisfying events for her clients.


What makes an exceptional experience?

Unforgettable dining events require VIP treatment by hosts as well as the talents of specialized and innovative culinary minds. Each experience is tailor-made to provide every guest with delicious cuisine served with style and pride in remarkable and unique combinations.

Event Strategy and Consulting

Natalie is fluent in the language of “chef” and “restaurant.” She has trained herself to organize chef-driven events by working at all levels of the dining industry as a dishwasher, busser, bartender, cook, manager, and sommelier. She cares about every detail and relationship and attends to everyone’s needs with focus and understanding. Her long and varied experience enables her to play an invaluable role in developing new concepts in gastronomy for businesses, brands and private groups.

Client Experience

"I have worked with and observed Natalie in action for almost a decade. We have produced over 20 successful events together. For Natalie it never gets old, She approaches each client with the knowledge that their event is unique in the world and that her role is to bring that vision to life. Natalie has forged solid working relationships in every major city in Canada and specializes in teasing out gastronomic excellence wherever she touches down. This broad base of resources will undoubtedly serve Natalie well as she weaves together moments of excellence for her clients from coast to coast to coast."

Jamie Kennedy
C.M. Jamie Kennedy Kitchens, Governor General Award-Winning Chef


  • Gastronomic Endeavours

    A distinctive dining experience strengthens bonds among participants who share in one of life’s greatest pleasures – the joy of feasting. Natalie and her team can design an experience to fit any occasion and can make your particular event delightful for all your guests.

  • Tailor made experiences

    Natalie brings together the very best of Canada’s food world to create one-of-a-kind dining experiences. She works with individuals, businesses, brand teams, wedding planners and private groups. Contact her to start a strategic conversation around your next event so that Gold & Fife can enhance its style and quality.

  • Unique Access to Prince Edward County

    You and your guests will become acquainted with epicurean specialties of Prince Edward County. The “County” as it is affectionately known by locals abounds with wineries, breweries, distilleries, beaches, barns, animals, farmers, and cheese mongers. Natalie’s immersion in the culture of the County means that she can create a customized food and drink itinerary for you and your guests.

    Expect to enjoy personal tours, private tastings and conversations with winemakers, and exclusive dining experiences in some of the region’s most majestic locations as well as in the smaller establishments that are the hidden gems of the County.

  • Concierge experiences

    Natalie has relationships with top culinary masters in Canada’s most acclaimed restaurants such as Kissa Tanto in Vancouver, Alo in Toronto, Garde Manger in Montreal, Les Fougeres in Gatineau and Raymond’s in Newfoundland. She will work with you to accomplish whatever you need - ranging from simply getting you into the restaurant of your choice to completely curating a food and wine experience with specially designed menus and logo placement.

    Or for a more specialized and curated experience in Niagara, Prince Edward County or Okanagan Wine regions envision the below example:

    After a 12-minute flight to Niagara from the Toronto Island Airport, you will be picked up and taken to a nearby premium winery such as Tawse Vineyard or Ravine Estate Winery for a private tasting with the winemaker. Then you will travel to one of Niagara’s superb food destinations for a dining experience that has been specially designed to fit the tastes and preferences of you and your guests.


"Natalie worked with Visa for the past ten years curating our Visa Infinite Dining Series into one of the leading national dining programs in Canada. She's well known in the industry and has my strongest endorsement."


Brian Weiner
Vice President and Head of Product for Visa Canada 

"I have worked with Natalie on 5+ events both at Alo and offsite in Niagara Wine Country. I do not say yes to many buyouts because they can compromise the high standards I have for seamless hospitality. But I always know that when I work with Natalie, the event will be one that is well-executed and perfectly aligned with our brand. I look forward to more collaborations in the future."


Patrick Kriss
Chef-Owner, Alo, Aloette, Alo Bar 

No. 1 on Canada's 100 Best Restaurant List for the past three years (Alo) 
No. 2 Canada's Best New Restaurants 2016 (Air Canada / enRoute) (Alo) 
One of the World's 50 Best Restaurants (Diner's Club) (Alo) 
No. 7 Canada's Best New Restaurants 2017 (Air Canada / enRoute) (Aloette) 

"Natalie has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and get to know her both in Vancouver and Toronto. I can endorse her high-attention to detail when executing restaurant events. Her enthusiasm in this space in infectious. I will happily work with her again and again."


Joel Watanabe
Chef-Owner Kissa Tanto
No. 1 Canada's Best New Restaurants 2016 (Air Canada / enRoute): Kissa Tanto
No. 2 Canada’s Best New Restaurants 2010 (Air Canada /enRoute): Bao Bei

"Natalie is a gem in Ontario's culinary world, but has especially made her mark in Niagara and Prince Edward County scenes. She has established a reputation for bringing people together to create magical events for locals and visitors alike, and I've enjoyed many a beautiful dinners envisioned by Natalie and enacted by the talented people in our community. Working with her is always an exercise in creativity and inspiration."


Lonelle Selbo
Publisher & Editor at LIFE AU LAIT

"Natalie has an innate ability to throw together high-end, complicated multi-facetted events as if she was just going for a walk in the park. Working with the best chefs, restaurants, wineries and likewise spaces, her work has seen her criss-cross Canada for almost a decade, firming up important relationships along the way. Nobody else does what Natalie does, and nobody has forged the relationships that Natalie has. I’ve been to handful of her excellent events, as well as my own two Visa Infinite cookbook events, and they were all wonderful. Her taste level, knowledge base, communication skills, warmth and ability to troubleshoot make her an indispensable leader in the industry. She’s a powerhouse."


Amy Rosen
Cookbook Author, Food Writer, Rosen Buns

"Natalie is the best. Her secret weapon is anticipation. You ask her for something and it’s already being done. At every dinner she ran where I was emcee she kept all the plates spinning in the air, meeting every need of the client, the guests, the venue and the chefs, and the whole evening was flawless. Working with Natalie isn’t work at all – it’s a delight."


James Chatto
Food writer and commentator

"I’ve worked with Natalie on a number of events both in Ontario and in British Columbia including a Visa Infinite Dinner at Bymark. Not only does Natalie run a seamless event from an operational standpoint, but she is an adept conversationalist and is engaged with guests throughout. I would certainly work with Natalie again in the future!"


Mark McEwan
Chef-Owner Bymark, ONE, Fabbrica Restaurants, McEwan's Gourmet Groceries, McEwan Catering and Head Judge on the Food Network's hit-show, Top Chef Canada 

"I got in touch with Natalie five years ago when I was starting to tour my cookbooks in Ontario. I envisioned celebratory, culinary events that reflected both my brand, My New Roots, and the respective themes of the books themselves. She not only connected me to my favourite chefs to cook at these events, but set up gorgeous, inspired spaces in Prince Edward County and Toronto that took My New Roots into the third dimension! The events were fun and relaxed, yet sophisticated. I felt considered and supported during each step of the process, and her attention to detail was unparalleled. With her incredibly broad industry network, years of experience, and the pure joy for what she does, working with her is a total pleasure."


Sarah Britton
Founder of My New Roots, Vegetarian Cookbook Author, Recipe Developer and Blogger

"On all the events we have had the pleasure of working with Natalie on whether in the Okanagan or in Ontario—she always puts in the hardest work and we continue to be grateful for all those efforts. She is a consummate professional and working in that context is a breeze knowing that all of the details will be taken care of, and moreover, that all of the relationships will be positively managed."


Don, Elaine and Sara Triggs
Culmina Estate Winery, Oliver, British Columbia

"Having worked with Natalie on nearly two dozen wine and food events over a decade, I can say with confidence that she knows the business. Attention to detail, organization, and most importantly a clear understanding of what makes an event successful, from space to flow to content, are her strengths."


John Szabo
Canada’s first Master Sommelier, Principal Critic at WineAlign.ca

"When Natalie calls, never hesitate on answering. She is an ultimate rockstar and the mastermind behind countless culinary celebrations across Canada."


Tara O’Brady
Cookbook Author, Food Columnist for the Globe & Mail

"I’ve known Natalie for over 8 years. Her reputation in the industry is flawless. Any chance I have to spend time and work with her is one I never pass up. She’s connected, charming, and a dream to work with."


Arlene Stein
Founder & Director Terroir Symposium


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